I need help.. I feel so alone. Can anyone help me?

My name is Kalee Nielsen.. I am an Ohio girl. I am 12 years old and have been suffering from Trichotillomania for 4 years. It is the worse thing ever. I have tried medication.. it did not work. I have tried a phsycologist. She didn't help any. I can't take it. My mom and I are going to try and get me into a Cognative Behavior Therepist. I have talked to Doctor Shana Dorron, from the show Obsessed over e-mail. She gave me some tips and I have not tried them yet.. Can someone give me some tips, tricks, or just some type of help... to contact me back e-mail : kaleenielsen9@gmail.com.

Thanks to whoever will help,
Kalee Nielsen

Hey this is in all

Hey this is in all seriousness go watch fellow sufferer Courtneypants,,, be sure to watch her videos were she talks about dealing with trich,,and having to waear headbands and braclets to occupy6 her hands and keep her from pullin her hair,,,she has lots of views on the topic seeing as she has been suffering from it for her whole life ,, her username is COurtneypants on youtube...she is also running in a contest called King of the Web were she can win 7500 dllars which 25 percent if she wins sis going to a trich foundation to help sufferers like you and her!!! go vote if you can i know she would appreciate it,,and i know she would be thefirst to answer your quyestion if you ask her,,,hope you get well soon :> check out Courtneypants on youtube and go vote on king of the web dot com for courtneypants she is in second place!!! http://kingofweb com/users/courtneypants

Hi Kalee, I know how

Hi Kalee,
I know how you feel,this disorder is horrible. It started for me
when I was 12. This was the early 80's, no one knew what this
was AT ALL! I did not know there was a name for it until I was 23.
The great thing about now,is all the awareness & help available.
The show OBSESSED just shocks me! It is so great to see people
like us and make the world realize that we are not weird people!
At least you do have options.
To be really honest, I am not that much better but I am on this
site,willing to try options and still fight for myself! Please do some-
thing now,grab onto the help to try and make it easier for yourself.
Because, I am 38 now and it just gets progressively way WORSE!!
Praying helps me alot,self-help book,books about self-esteem &
coping skills for WORRY! Vitamins are very important,they help the
brain. Medications can help and keep people out of your life that
cause stress for you. Amino Acids are supposed to help. If I find
out anything more,I will let you know. Use the tips the doctor gave
you. God Bless and good luck. Dawn

Thank You, Dawn, I really

Thank You, Dawn,

I really want to end this for me right now, and I am getting progressivly better, (:

My doctor told me that there is a medicine called Buspar or something like that for anexiety, ocd and something else that she finds to work for others. So I may try that I am not sure yet though. (:

God Bless, Good luck to you as well,

and with love,


My daughter has stopped now -

My daughter has stopped now - she has not pulled for three weeks - I will ask her. Love from a mum who has a 12 year old who has been through the same. But what ever , we all understand what you are going through xx

thank you so much. (:

thank you so much. (: