Nice tricks to stop trich... My temporary solutions.

I have this damned thing for 10 years, tattoed the eyebrows, went to doctors, went to religious people who claim to cure, watched videos, have read almost anything and nothing helped me (sorry to be pessimistic) but that's what it is.

Interestingly I found, 4 other people who do have trich, were born around the date that I was born (genetics, astrology?) I don't know but let that give you an idea about how hard I tried to make it stop.

I haven't tried hypnotherapy which I believe holds the key. I will try that and share my experiences with you. But it is so hard to find a right person among all those scam artists who would just charge you for their useless sessions.

Anyways, here is the good part; tricks:

There are some simple things i found to be helpful.

- put vaseline on your eyebrows, it stays there for a few hours and you don't touch there because it's wet and sticky, vaseline is not harmful contrarily it moisturizes your skin, and barely visible to others. I almost do it every night.

- cover your thumbs: wear billiard gloves, or a cover your thumbs with band-aid, or cut the thumb part of any glove and make it stay on top of your thumb (sew, tie, do something) or wear a ring (although it doesn't cover the top it will not let you pick easily) why?

Because there is only one body part that is responsible for picking: thumb! if you somehow cover top of your thumbs, without blocking the function of it, and without raise the attention of people around you (as you know not being embarrassed or not being have to explain while dealing with this curse is important too) it helps a great deal.

Hope to be of help, I'm born in January, I'd love to have a statistic about this, you never know, if you care, please leave your birth month maybe we can spot a correlation.

Greetings to all.. and good luck.

I was born in march and am

I was born in march and am now 16. I have been picking for 1 year and it's starting to get on my nerves. I seem to pick patches out of my eyebrows and it's embarrassing for me to go to school looking like this. I have some symptoms of tricky but I don't think that is what I have. I know that it takes about three weeks to break a habit. I have noticed that it is the pleasure of picking the hair out and guilt afterwards. I have a stress ball but just pushes and clenching on it doesn't work. Plus all I want to do is throw it around since it's a ball. I have however discovered that if you do something that gives you the same effect or feeling of pulling out the hair, thAt you won't pick. For me that something is sinking my nails into things. I would not go straight into thinking about drugs because of side effects. That would be a last resort. I only pick when I'm alone and have anxiety or am have different emotions. Video games causes this to happen so my mom has taken that away to try and take away the cause of the stresser. Maybe that could be a slight solution. Take away the cause. So if anyone has more solutions please let me know. But I will try the vasilline.

I was born in November.... I

I was born in November....

I can't believe how many people are living the same day to day problem that I am! I compulsively pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows and have since I was 15....started after my foster father passed away. I sat in French class and pulled at one eyebrow until it was gone. Of course I didn't realize I had until the girl in front of me turned around to ask me a question and was astonished that my eyebrow was missing! And so it started.... I'm 32 now...and still living with drawing on my face swimming, afraid to sweat too much in case my make up smears off and have anxiety when people look too closely at my eyes...either straight on or from the side.

Yep, it's so surprising to find this sight and see all the comments from people that are describing the exact same issue I've had all these years., the questions is.... how do I stop?? I've heard some people say after too long, your eyelashes no longer grow back! The mere thought of that is super upsetting :(

I like the vaseline idea. I

I like the vaseline idea. I will try it right now.

Hi! I have massive eyelash

Hi! I have massive eyelash damage from trich, and although I don't pull my lashes anymore they don't grow back. I'm going to try Latisse to see if I can get ANY lasting positive effects from it. From what I've read, there will probably be NO lasting effects (supposedly it only works as long as you use it, which, at $130/month, is not possible long term). If you'd like to track my progress, including photos and regular updates, you can go to my new blog: Feel free to share your stories with me there, too. And I'll share mine as well. Can't wait to meet you! xo

Sorry to break the pattern

Sorry to break the pattern but I was born in September. Ive had trich since I was 15 and I am now feels like forever and its a constant struggle. I will share some tips that ive used to stop.. I actually stopped pulling for 8 months when I was 18 and my hair was fairly long and then I started again one day out of nowhere..I stopped again last year and just started again a few months ago. You need to prepare yourself mentally to stop, so it has to be at a time where there is less than usual stress in your life. Take pictures of your head and literally tape them every your closet/room/bathroom and tell your self out loud when you feel anxiety the consequences of your hair pulling: I will say something like "STOP! you will be completley bald and everyone will know" You have to convince your self and assure your self constantly of really how damaging it is. Also, recording each day you dont pull is great because its self -gratifying. Hope this helps

i am back here, to update you

i am back here, to update you guys on my fight with trich.. nothing has changed.. putting vaseline is good, bandaid or gloves ok - but im stlll really angry that we are forced to live with this as there is no permanent fix... i heard of a supplement called NAC, i'll try that. hypnotists and psychiatrists don't help, or i couldn't find the one yet.. all of them talk the same useless anthony robbins script about pulling, and we can do better etc. it is very annoying. i hope someone will discover the real cause of this, i'm sure it's a missing chemical in our blood, our imbalance of some hormones.. i'm very sure the solution is somewhere there..

thanks for the bandaid idea.

thanks for the bandaid idea. i'm going to try it now to remind myself to keep my hands away from my head

my birthday is in september

I was born in February, so

I was born in February, so maybe there is some correlation in the time of year we were born. I have been pulling eyelashes since I was about 16, right after I gave my first baby up for adoption. That trauma was probably my trigger, but it is still with me at age 52. My son got married recently, and I tried so hard to stop months before the wedding, but was only semi-successful.

I have never ever talked to anyone about this, and I'm not sure if I ever will be. It seems too embarrassing to bring up to my husband, friends and family members. Maybe this forum will allow me to get up the courage to finally talk about it. I was even in therapy for 8 months, and never once talked about it to my therapist, even though I thought about it a couple of times.

Was born in October...

Was born in October...

I was reading on

I was reading on they said it starts in teen years. i started in 7th grade. i was 12. i'm 21 now.
i pull from my head. it's awful. but i just can't stop! i am very selective of the hairs i pull too.
it's weird, but i'm kind of glad i'm not the only person.
i was born in june. =/

Wow, this is something, there

Wow, this is something, there are so many who are born in January/February... I'm born in February, the 2th. Interesting! :o

I was also born in January,

I was also born in January, but I've heard genetics too. My cousin on my moms side and my aunt on my dads side also have trich, although I have it the worst, by far. There's many possibly reasons that I've learned about from TLC (Trich Learning Center). My trich is most likely related to a sever case of strep throat.

I've tried hypnosis with no success, but good luck! I found that having people to talk to on a daily basis who also have trich really helped. I no longer do that, although I'd love to, but it definitely put a big dent in the amount of hairs I pulled daily. Also, keeping track of the numbers of hairs. I would keep a sticky note in my pocket and tally up the total. It was so devastating to see a huge number that I kept it really low! My record time for being pull free is 8 days (that was a good 5 years or so ago though...)

Anyway, thanks for your ideas! I pull from my scalp so Vaseline isn't a feasible idea, but it sounds awesome for the eyebrows! Feel free to contact me (you or anyone else!) any time. I'm always looking for new friends who can understand my situation!


I was born January 11....very

I was born January 11....very interesting. I just started hypnosis, I am hoping it will help. Only had one session and no luck yet but I'm sure if it works it will take a few more sessions.

My DOB is 2/23

My DOB is 2/23

I was born February, very

I was born February, very interesting.
Wearing gloves to bed might help anyone?

I was born in February....

I was born in February....

My birthday is Jan. 1

My birthday is Jan. 1

Hi Dave! I too was born in

Hi Dave!

I too was born in January; however, my father who does the same eyebrow pulling as I was born in December, so I think it maybe genetics.

I want to thank you so much for the "tricks" you posted!!!! I've tried covering my thumb before, but it wasn't effective enough for me. I will attempt the vaseline trick, but I will more than likely fail at this due to the OCD.

I pull my hair out from the

I pull my hair out from the scalp off the back part of my part. I am going to try and do the band aid trick to see if it works. I am open to ANY ideas/tricks. Thanks!

I like the billiard glove

I like the billiard glove idea! My daughter tried band-aids at night for a while, but said they fell off...BTW, she was born February 7...close to January!

Hey Dave! You sound like

Hey Dave! You sound like another guy I know with Trich, but, his name is Daniel. That is some sound advice you have given. I am going to try the Vaseline thing at night on my eyes because that is when I do the most picking. My thumbs and index fingers are so calloused that it is like have permanently built in tweezers. It sucks. Anyhow, I'd like to corresponde with you Dave. You sound like a compelling individual. I am a 38 yr. old mom of a senior in highschool and I was born in February. I have a new personal E-mail address that I have dedicated strictly to "Trich", you are welcome to reach me there if not here. MY E-mail is Look forward to talking to you. Gonna go dig out the old Vaseline. LOL! Take Care, be well, and God bless!

well done. although idont

well done. although idont pull my eyebrows the vasaline thing wouldnt work. very good advice..trickluv....

I have been pulling out my

I have been pulling out my hair for about 13 years now, very interesting... i was born January 25th

I pull my eyelashes out. I am

I pull my eyelashes out. I am 33 and was born january. I also heard someone say to me that my mother did it.. but as I read, a tramatic experience can trigger the onset of the ocd. My mother was killed when I was 16 and I believe thats when I started, the anxiety and anger and upset.. maybe thats why.. I want to to know if this is important to know to stop it!>? I hate it... I get headaches now.. I want beautiful lashes! I just want it to go away! ????