I don't know whats wrong with me... :| HELP!? 16 and scared.

So, I found out I had Trich a few months ago when i was doing research on why I was pulling out my knuckle hairs, leg hairs, arm hairs and sometimes on my toes. I've had it since I was 12 years old from what i Believe to be as PTSD because of dramatic events that happened in my family.

I am though, confused and scared I must have more than Trich which freaks me out.

I'm so freakin weird, ill pull out my eyebrow hair with my nails, and knuckles with my nails or tweezers, along with my legs. But with my arms, i have to bite the hair out of the skin and i also like to rub my arms on my lips before i bite for the feeling.
Also, when i use a pair of tweezers with my knuckles or legs or toes, and i get a hair with a ball at the end i rub it against my lips and bite it in half. I feel really weird because I know that other people out there do it but Im not sure if other people do it everywhere?

Like, when i first hit puberty i started to do pubic hair, but now that im older its spread to my whole body really. and i cant stop. I just cant! I get yelled at all the time by my grandmother to stop biting my arms and it really hurts because i cant just quit. I cant. Its not ever going to go away and I can never control it.

I think I've stopped like 20 times during this whole post just

Hi there littlemonster.

Hi there littlemonster. First of all, you are NOT a monster! Did you know that 1 in 20 people has trichotillomania? You are SO not alone. But nobody talks about it! I've just started a trich blog - you're welcome to go there and post/vent whenever you want, or ask questions, or at least not feel so alone! It's a long struggle (I've had it for 20 years) but it does NOT have to define you. I promise! I've lived a full rich beautiful life so far despite my trich! Here's my blog: http://trichblogger.blog.com/ .

Sending you a hug!

Hello Littlemonster, I've had

Hello Littlemonster,
I've had trich for a very long time. When I started I only pulled on my head. But then slowly started pulling other places. I've never been pull free for very long but I don't pull as much or for as long as I use too.
I have a friend who pulls her leg hair. So you aren't alone when it comes to pulling different parts of the body.
And for trying to stop. First try very hard not to be too hard on yourself for pulling. I know that sounds easier than it is to do. When I got angry when I pulled and saw a bald spot forming I figured I may as well continue since I already did some damage. Once I stopped doing that though I didn't pull as much and it was because I didn't get angry or mad. I would also suggest since you mentioned experiencing family trauma you could find a Doctor or therapist to talk. You may have issues that need to be addressed for part of your recovery as well. You shouldn't do it alone until those issues are maybe dealt with. In the meantime until then try not to be hard on yourself. If you manage to catch yourself doing it and/or can stop the urge from doing it even just for awhile start looking at that in a positive way. Eventually you'll be able to do that more often and more control. You just need to find sometime that can distract your hands when you are having a really tough time. I do beading. I find petting and playing cats and dogs helpful. So maybe take up a simple hobby. Or find something as simple like a ball that you can squeeze with your hands. Good luck on finding what can work for you.
Sending you pull free vibes,