i have not had any problems with pulling for the last several months. i am no longer obsessed about my eyelashes and it feels good to finally be free from it. here are a few tips that i would like to share with everyone. i understand that everyone is different and what works for one person may not be what works for the rest, but i think that if someone has information that they have found helpful, it is important to share it with others.

One thing that has helped me is writing down the date when i would pull all of my eyelashes out. i was never someone who just pulled a few, usually if i was in a pulling mood they all came out. up until about a year ago, i never used to make note of when that happened. i started doing it and found that i was able to go longer without pulling. it became my goal each time i pulled to see if i could beat my previous time in being pull free. it started with a few weeks, then it turned into being able to go a month. i went 13 years not writing this down and once i did it helped significantly.

This next tip is one that people may not be comfortable with but have gone as long as i have because of it. The majority of people with trich, including myself, are extremely embarrassed by their disorder and go to great lengths to hide it. i was no exception. however, once my (now) fiancee and i moved in together he noticed my eyes immediately. This was because he would see me after a shower or in the morning when i had no makeup on, so it was easy to tell when i had been pulling. at first i was mortified. i felt ugly and annoyed that all my attempts to hide it were not working. my fiancee would always ask me if i had been pulling and while it embarrassed me to no end, i found that once he knew about it it made things a lot easier. also, knowing he was going to be seeing me at my worst moments made me want to not pull and i found it easier not to. before i moved in with my fiancee, any time i was with him or friends i always had on fake eyelashes and lots of makeup and nobody really knew that i had a problem. but once someone knew, it was like ok i have another reason to stop. sometimes, by letting someone your close to know about your problem, not only does their support feel good, but it gives that extra ooomph to stop pulling. knowing my fiancee was going to be seeing me like that made me really buckle down and get serious about not pulling. instead of trying to hide it from it, i decided to do the opposite and let myself be embarrassed and use those feelings to help me from pulling again.

This last tip i have some may not agree with but it is something that people with this disorder should take into consideration. these forums are a wonderful place for people struggling with trich to come and share their stories with others and get a kind of support that is not found anywhere else. i am so thankful that sites like these have been created to give people like us a place to call home. however, be aware that reading other peoples stories about how and when they pull can be triggering. i visited many sites like these over the last several years and it took me a long time to realize that sometimes my pulling was due, in part, to reading about others pulling. it totally sounds like im blaming other people but please dont think that, it is definitely not the case. what i noticed was that, after being on these forums, i would usually end up pulling within a few days. i dont know whether it was just because other peoples words were on my mind, or maybe it was something subconscious i dont know but i do feel that there was some correlation. so i decided that the best thing for me was to refrain from these forums during my pull free times. i wanted my mind to be off my eyelashes. the best thing i did to help myself stop pulling was to teach myself to focus on other things. if i was not going to pull then i did not want to read about pulling. it was triggering. i think these forums are the best place in the world to be when youve had a bad day or days with your pulling and you need the support of others like you to get you through your emotions. i also feel it is important to be on here to support others and have them know they are not alone. now that its been more than 4 months that i have been pull free, i feel as though the worst is behind me and now it is my duty to be one here supporting others. so in short, during bad days being on here was uplifting but during pull free times it can be triggering. i found it best to occupy my pull free times with something else other than my disorder.

This last tip is something that worked well for me. i was very predictable in my pulling. it would almost always happen at night, lying in bed. mostly just because i was alone with my thoughts and there was nothing to do to keep my mind off of it. i found it very helpful to watch tv until i was tired enough to turn it off and fall right asleep. i suffer from some degree of insomnia and sometimes it takes a very long time for me to feel tired. i dont have to tell you that 2 hours of laying in bed with nothing to do was perfect eyelash pulling time. watching tv took the attention off my eyes and gave me something to do during those hours other than pull. it seems simple but sometimes these simple things really do make a difference.

i hope these tips help. this is what worked for me and allowed me to have the full set of eyelashes that i have now. it hasnt been as hard these last 4 months than it has been in the previous 14 years because i realized that what i was doing to stop wasnt working. i needed to try other things. the most important thing i found was that your mind needs to learn to think about other things than pulling. i used to think about my eyelashes and pulling so many times a day that it seemed like my whole day revolved around it. i had to make myself think about other things. thats why i found it helpful to not be on these forums during pull free times and to watch tv during the most sensitive times. i can be on these forums now because i dont feel as though i am in any danger of pulling anytime soon. i want everyone to be pull free! we can do this!! i am here if anyone needs to talk