u can beat trich!

Everyone who suffers from trich should know that their situation is not hopeless! Having wrestled with this disorder for the last 14 years, i can finally say i am now free from its grasp. I began pulling my eyelashes when i was 11 and it quickly became something i had no control over. I dont think there was ever a time over the last decade and a half that i had a full set of eyelashes. Even when i wasnt pulling them, i was constantly obsessed with them. I would run my fingers over them, look at them up close in the mirror or fantasize about grabbing the nearest pair of tweezers and ripping them out. This disorder had deeply affected my life, especially my self confidence. Never would i leave the house without false eyelashes or at the very least dark eyeliner. I hated when people looked at my eyes or commented about my fake eyelashes. So here i was almost 25 and still a slave to this disorder. 4 months ago i made a decision not to let this ruin the next 14 years of my life. I was tired of the pulling, the fake lashes, the stares from people, the black eyeliner, the inability to wear mascara. And so.....i stopped. Now you may be reading this and saying, "well shes only gone 4 months....thats not really very long..." To which i would say, 4 months is quite the accomplishment! its been the best 4 months of the last 14 years. I now have a beautiful set of eyelashes that i can curl and put mascara on! But thats not the best part. The best part is being able to spend my day thinking about something other than my eyelashes. I no longer am obsessed with them or feel the need to pull. U know why? Because EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, I STILL CONTROL WHAT I DO TO MY BODY. It only takes a few times of doing something to condition ur body into accepting it as a habit. Trich is like a habit on steroids. Ur mind is so conditioned by ur pulling that u virtually lose all sense of control, thus becoming an impulse control disorder. Well dont think for a second that ur helpless to stop it. YOUR NOT! Just as you have taught urself that u need to pull, so can u teach urself not to. IT IS POSSIBLE. I am proof of that. If u think i am in any way stronger or have more self control than u, i assure u i am not and i dont. I struggled with trich for a very long time and if i had been a super strong person with awesome self control i would have nipped it in the bud long ago. All i did was just realize that i had the potential to live a different kind of life. A life where i could actually go to the beach and get in the water instead of just sitting on the shore watching everyone else swim because i was too worried about my false eyelashes and eyeliner coming off. Keep ur head up trich sufferers. U are beautiful and strong enough to recover.

Wow...you've just described

Wow...you've just described my life for over 16 years to a tee....except I'm not 32 and feel I've missed out on sooooo much. I too cannot be seen with out black eyeliner and have the same anxiety about people looking closely at my eyes. I cannot go under water and worry about someone splashing me and my make up rubbing off. It upsets me since my eyelashes were once the envy of all my friends as they were long, dark and curled naturally. Now, I find myself painting my face to hide my biggest addition.

Thanks for letting me know it won't take some braing chemical altering drug therapy to stop this. I need to set my mind to overcome. I don't want to have this burden. It's so depression to see yourself in the mirror and wish you could be beautiful....without a painted on face.

Congratulations to you .... I admire your strength.