Trichobezoar Question

So i pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows and eat them, what kind of chance do i have at getting a trichobezoar? i really don't want to get one and im trying to use this fear to kick the pulling. It's kinda of working but sometimes the impulses are so strong my hand just flys up to my face without warning and takes massive chunks of eyelashes or eyebrows, and then i eat them. I feel if i don't eat them i wasted them, and if i don't eat them ill pull out more just so i can.

Sorry for the rambling, But back to the main question, what is the risk of me developing a Trichobezoar with eyelashes/eyebrows.

I am thinking that they just pass on through, because they are short. and i grind them up really fine with the tips of my teeth before i swallow.

I've already come to terms with my pulling, im just trying to kick it now and im terrified about developing a trichobezoar.

Hello! I know it has been a

Hello! I know it has been a while since you posted this, but I am wondering something similar...

I only ever eat the roots of my hair after pulling...there is hardly ever actual "hair" when i swallow the root, i just pull the root off hte hair shaft. Could this cause a bezoar? i've been freaking out a bit for the last few weeks!

Sorry I didn't really provied an answer, but I just thought I'd add in my question as well.

I'd also like to add that my

I'd also like to add that my Tric has come to the point where its not triggered by anything, i just happen to find my hand moving towards my face, i mean the impulses are so strong that they break through my attempts to stop them. I'm only ever able to stop the impulses once or twice, but with the amount i pull, this does nothing.

I guess this website is

I guess this website is pretty dead :/