Just another puller...

I've been pulling for about 6 years now. Maybe 5 years ago, I started eating it. About 3 years ago I had surgery to get a trichobezoar removed. I've gone to therapy for 2 years. I'm still pulling. I'm 14 years old, and people tease me because they see me doing it. My parents sometimes keep me awake at night arguing about "her hair." They think I've mostly stopped. I really need help to get over this before I get another bezoar. I've tried gloves, which sometimes work, but I sometimes just take them off. I'm on meds, but that doesn't stop the urges. I might try band-aids, but my parents might realize I'm back at my hair, and they would start yelling again. I wear hats, but I can still pull at the sides. Therapy sometimes helps, but not much. What have some of you guys and girls done to get over your trich? I really appreciate your help! I love each and every one of you and wish you the best.

Hi, my name is Jackie, I have

Hi, my name is Jackie, I have had trich ever since I've had hair on my head. I am 40 years old now, but I don't feel old... Anyway, I want to try and help if possible. I've tried all the meds and nothing really helps and prozac almost made me bald. I go through periods where I stop pulling completely now. I think it has gotten easier with age, but the main thing that has helped me is I MUST STAY AWAY FROM CERTAIN FOODS. I truly believe that we as trichsters have food allergies that affect us biologically affecting our brain chemistry....

While cutting out certain foods may help a lot of trichsters, it may not help everyone.

I have long periods of relief and NO URGES TO PULL when I absolutely stop all sugar and caffiene from my diet. Peanuts set me off. Also soy burgers set me off big time. Some people have reactions to egg yolks and legumes as well, but I don't. I don't drink softdrinks, coffee or eat cakes or pies that I love anymore. I go through periods where I will decide that I want to have those foods and I will, but it won't be long and I will pull with a vengence... No matter how long I have been stopped.

Also certain shampoos with hydrollized wheat protein and pro vitamin b5 added can be an exacerbator to my pulling. I make all natural shampoo now and condition with organic extra-virgin coconut oil or cooca butter, hemp seed oils before I shampoo. There are no pulling urges with this.

Do you eat anything you want? Have you noticed you want to pull more after eating some of these foods?