So glad to have found this site!

I've been pulling my hair out for about 7 years, & I always thought that I was alone in my struggle! I have no idea what triggered my hair-pulling; I just started pulling one day & never stopped. I've never had a traumatic life experience, but my problem started in middle school, around the time that I hit puberty -- a fairly traumatic time in any girl's life. I've always done it subconsciously while watching TV, reading, or browsing the internet.

Earlier this week, I was on the website for the channel TLC, watching video clips from their new show "My Strange Addiction". I was browsing through stories of "strange addictions" that were posted by viewers, & one man talked about his obsession with picking at his skin. He mentioned that it was similar to Trichotillomania, chronic hair-pulling. I was shocked that it was common enough to even have a name. After a Google search, I discovered that my problem is shared by so many.

Learning that I'm not a freak has lifted a weight off of my shoulders that I've been carrying for years. This discovery has made things easier to accept, & I am now more open about my problem. It gave me the courage to finally tell my boyfriend of 2 years. He was very surprised, because we live together & he has never seen me pulling. This is because my mother noticed the habit years ago, teaching me to be sneaky about it to avoid an embarrassing confrontation.

His understanding & support compelled me to talk to my mom about my continued pulling. She was under the impression that I had stopped, & she too was surprised to discover that I had only cut down & hidden it well. When I mentioned a genetic connection, she told me that my dad pulls out the hairs in his beard! I'd never noticed before; she said that he did it a lot when he was trading on Wall Street when I was younger, so I wouldn't have noticed it at his worst. He does it less frequently these days -- but apparently, that's where my genetic connection is.

I'm stoked to have found this site & to finally understand that my chronic hair-pulling is not my fault. In fact, I haven't pulled a single hair since my discovery! I am opposed to antidepressants, hypnosis, & psychiatric evaluation (not for others, merely for my own self), so I hope that my research & new-found support will compel me to stop pulling forever.

Good for you! We all need

Good for you! We all need someone to comfort us who has been through this. I'm looking for that episode of MSA. My mom doesn't want me to see it without her because she doesn't want me to be sad, but I'm a strong girl, and I wish every one of you guys and girls luck getting over this. What has helped you stop? I'm trying really hard, but it's so difficult!

It's actually not an episode;

It's actually not an episode; I found it on the TLC website in a "What's your addiction?" blog. The entry didn't focus on trich, it just mentioned it... Putting mousse or hairspray in my hair really helps me because it gives my hair a weird texture. I only pull out hairs that are thick & coarse, & when I have styling products in my hair, I can't identify which hairs have that texture. It's also helpful to put tape on my fingertips.