Boycott "Raising Hope" on Fox

I was watching tonight's episode,"Say Cheese" on Fox, and they totally made fun of hair pulling/eating. Very insensitive. Feel free to write nastiness on the "Raising Hope" forum on the fox website. I certainly will!!!

Can someone post a clip or

Can someone post a clip or link to said video? I'm morbidly curious as to how pissed off I will be.

I watched that video, it

I watched that video, it pissed me the fuck off. The wheres your eyebrow video if im not mistaken. My eyebrows are my main pull location and watching this and seeing how they make fun of it made me want to just beat whoever thought of this concept half to death.

I mean why make fun of such a sensitive subject?

I swear, fox has no soul.

It is never sensitive to the

It is never sensitive to the folks that use it for a joke or a tv ploy.
I am so sorry that you are in pain because of a STUPID tv show. Really, why don't you
stop watching that stuff. I don't think those bozos have a clue as to the pain that
folks like you and I have gone through in our lives. I will say this! I don't care
what anyone says. I am awesome with hair or without.
My kids look for the heart in people not the way they
look. And most of their friends have learned that hair does not make a person beautiful.
When I decided to just tell people why I wore a baseball hat so many people told me
Oh, yea I have a friend or a family member that pulls their hair. Now people can get it!
Just tell them what is really going on. It is so like the weight is off your back to say it!!

I hope my comments help you. Cause I have been dealing with this since I was 7 and I am 49.
We spend so much of our lives angry and frustrated over something we can't control.
Find a way to love the life that God has given you if you can.

I hope you can receive what I have said here for you.
much love to you