Concerned Mom

My 7 year old daughter just starting pulling out her eyelashes and then eyebrows the past 5 months when a school friend told her that eyelashes were good luck. We have tried almost all the remedies you all have suggested outside of the natural vitamins, which I am going to go and get today!
Her eyebrows are starting to grow back but eyelashes are not even budging. We took her to our familly therapist just a few weeks ago and as most of you have stated, there isn't much a therapist can do outside of tapping into things that may trigger her pulling, which he said is often neurological. He said sometimes people just come into the world hard wired and find different ways to FEEL or things that FEEL GOOD and this is how they can't stop. He didn't think she was experiencing any high levels of anxiety but he told us to just be very accepting and gentle with her, which we are doing.
The one thing we have allowed or done is to allow her to hide it. We are lovingly letting everyone know who asks why she looks so different and we ask that they help her by letting her know when she is picking. Meaning her teachers and other family members. As many of you have stated, she doesn't realize when she is doing it most of the time and does it when we're driving in the car, watching tv, and when she is alone. She said it's when she's bored and that is when we bought Latch Hook, Needle Point, Journals, etc. to keep her hands occupied. Has helped on her eyebrows thus far. However, she has now started moving down to her arms and legs.

So, just tapping in with all of you as mother that wants to help her daughter as I realize how much she is going to be teased at school by others, espeically other girls who can be so MEAN. I want feedback and advice from you on how you would have wanted to be treated by your parents that may have helped you when you were young.

Your stories mean alot to me as I know we all have our issues and we all choose different ways of coping. Thank you all so much for opening up and being honest as I do believe that this is also an outlet that allows all of us to express our fears, anxieties and concerns, which can be healing as well.


Thanks for posting this. My 2

Thanks for posting this. My 2 year old daughter just started to pull her hair out when she started daycare 2 months ago. I don't know what to do.
Has anyone tried cutting the hair? Does it work? I want to cry when I think about cutting her hair!
Sometimes I wonder if I just leave work, and stay home with her, will she stop?
I'm not so sure where to start....

Our stories are very similar,

Our stories are very similar, my daughter is 6 years old and has been pulling for 5 years. She started when she was one.
We have tried psychologists, hypnotherapy and lastly I took her too a prof that did a hair analysis on her to determine nutritional needs and metal toxins in her body.
If you do buy multi vitamins make sure it has zinc, potasium and magnesium in. And put her on a gluten free diet. Cut out sugar and anything else unhealthy. It does help but never let you guard down. Tric is sneaky and will come back at any time.
All of the best.

Hello J, Is there any kind of

Hello J,

Is there any kind of angst in the household (e.g. marital problems)? I started when my mother and father separated and haven't been able to stop. I know when I’m doing it but I feel like I’m in a trance-state and it’s almost a surreal experience. You are very lucky to have the support of her teachers and family members.

The only thing I can suggest is take your daughter to a hypnotherapist and see if that helps. I took my daughter when she was 7 for chronic bedwetting and she was cured after one visit. Trich is a much more stubborn condition but anything is worth a try.

Have you tried putting a pair of clear glasses on her to act as a barrier to her eyes and eyebrows? Gloves are also a deterrent and you could buy her some special hand cream as moist fingers make it harder to pull.

You could try some kind of reward system where every hour she goes without picking she gets something positive, e.g. a gold star.

The fact that you know what's happening and are patient and loving will be of great comfort to her. I wish you all the best.

Lots of hugs from Bella xxxx