I finally stopped!!!!!!!!!

I'm 45 years old, been pulling since age 8. Pulled it all out a few times, wore the wigs through childhood, then was able to just pull in some areas, but everyday, at least 100 hairs or more, visible bald spots on my head, colored them in with mascara all the time. I've been to many psychiatrists over the years, tried many anti-depressants and behavioral therapies. Nothing got me to stop. I felt like a freak, but resigned to it, told noone but the shrinks. Finally, last summer I read about N-acetylcysteine. I take Jarrows brand. I started on 600mg a day for 3 weeks and noticed some difference, then increased to 1200mg per day for a month or so, and nearly completely stopped. If I missed a dose, I would catch myself pulling a bit. After a month, I was able to decrease back down to 600mg per day, and I have all but completely stopped. If I pull out 3 hairs a day, that's a lot. My bald spots are filling in slowly. I can't believe I've finally found a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another amazing difference is that I lost 20 pounds by dieting. My cravings for food have gone away, and I've been able to stick to a very strict diet. I'm now in really good shape, and I don't feel hungry, and don't want to eat anything that isn't healthy and necessary. I wonder if the urge to eat can be related to the urge to pull in some people. Anyway, I'm staying on this stuff. I also take a multivitamin, for zinc, and a separate vitamin C. My hair looks fuller, it's always been thin, but having the little hairs growing back in has given it a lot more body.

I hope my story is helpful to everyone else that has this problem. Definitely read about N-acetylcysteine and give it a good try. I am overjoyed this has worked for me.

I just found your post and

I just found your post and I'm going to give this a try. I've been a mess this week and I don't know why. I've undone all the good work I did over the past 6 months and I'm so frustrated. Thanks for the tip and I'll let you know how I go.

Lots of hugs from Bella xxx

This is a great story. I like

This is a great story. I like hearing about others who have been able to stop pulling. I pulled for over thirty years. Mine started at age 15.

I began healing in 2007 and I am still pull free now in 2010... I love my new hair. It feels great to be able to wear it all the way down.

I am writing on different sites and I did a recent TV appearance to get the word out that you can quit.
on my blog site there is a link to my TV appearance. Check it out too if you like.

I am not taking anything, I did it by changing my mindset, my thoughts and by eating healthy foods, no more junk or fried foods.

If anyone wants to learn more and read about my story at Hubpages.com or Gather.com I'm under the name Wandah I would love to have any of you as a fan.

I also have a blog site it's www.trichblog.com I have posted some things there also about Trich... It's actually dedicated to my journey and healing.

If I can help please reach out to me. I am healed and I want others to have the same success.

Best Wanda H

i love to hear it but i dont

i love to hear it but i dont want to take medicine it may affect on my health.

It's good to hear a success

It's good to hear a success story. Congratulations on the pulling and also the weight loss! I will definitely check that out. Thanks for the advice. :)