I NEED SERIOUS help to stop this,before I do something stupid, it's really getting me down

I'm a 15 year old girl, I have tryed so hard to stop by playing with beads but it hasnt worked. I have a large bald patch on my head and its getting to the point were even if i have my hari up i have to wear lots of clips to cover the patch. I don't realise i'm doing it allot of the time, and when i do i realise that i have given in to myself, making me feel worse about myself, and making the urge to pull even stronger. It's not untill im sitting in almost a pool of my own hair every night, that i realise i need to do something about it, before there is literally no hair left on the top of my scalp.

Hello i am 31 years old

Hello i am 31 years old living with Trich/OCD and i am at the bottom i am tired and to the point of giving up. I can no longer afford to go to the Psychiatrist who in my small town just writes prescrptions for my as he says sickness. I see a therapist for 30 minutes who talks more than i do n the only recommendation she gave me was to put rubberbands on my wrist n pop them when I get the urge i am totally bald in front n some parts of the back i dont wear wigs i wear a scarf n i pull my eyelashes out on the top row but not the bottom guess what the rubberbands didnt phase me does anyone have pointers for a smalltown girl to keep me from losing my mind. My mom died when i was 13 my dad got killed when i was 14 but it seems the pulling started before then i stopped for a good 4 years but now its worst than ever this site is my last cryout any help i am at my last wit tired of this scarf n tired of pulling n people assuming i have cancer.Please Help in Small Town--------

Hello ktw I know that things

Hello ktw
I know that things are tough right now, and that you probably feel that things won't ever get better, but believe me that they do. I started when I was 8, I'm 31 now. I felt useless, angry at myself, depressed, confused, my self esteem was non-existant and essentially that I was big nothing. But I'm so glad that I hung in there as the world is such a big wonderful place with interesting things to do and see. Hollinsgirl seems to be the right track and provided some great advice. Everybody seems to have different triggers mine seems to be stress, sometimes I go through good periods where my hair looks great, while other-times I have quite large bald spots on my head.
My hair-pulling is my deep-dark secret, nobody outside my family and my closest friends know, its something that I hide from everyone else, (in fact this is the first time that I have found a support site like this and feels such a relief:)!) your description seems very familiar to me. Some people do find a way of stopping whether its through medication, hypnotism, really short hair-cuts etc. As for hiding bald spots, bandana's and hats can be very useful, as well as some hair-cuts. Some people do buy wigs when things do get bad. But to try and cope with the emotional side of things, you are definately on the right track as you have decided to ask for help and this seems to be a great support site. Are you able to talk to your parents or friends about how you are feeling? How about taking up something creative ie creative writing, art, music(drums sound good eh) or sport such as martial arts or boxing or etc to get rid of those negative feelings (they can be very carthartic) I'm sorry that this seems so mixed up and scatty but I hope that is of some help.
Good luck with everything and hang in there.

I know exactly how you

I know exactly how you feel!
I started pulling after my grandma died, but I just now realized that was the even that triggered it!
I'm fifteen now, and have been pulling since I was eleven. I had NO idea that this was a disease and that
it even existed! I'm almost "thrilled" to hear that there's people out there like me, because I'm NOT alone,
and there's hope that I can stop. My hair is so thin, and I just noticed a new bald spot. I heard if you have
Trich. you most likely have OCD or Bipolar disorder, both of which run in my family, so I'm sure i have one of those.
Whats your email? lets keep in touch!

Do you know what, you're

Do you know what, you're exactly the same as me. I started when I was 11, just coming into the second year of secondary school, which is also scarily when my grandad died. We are so alike it's actually scary, but I've never really thought that it could have been that that had trigered it. Bipolar Manic Depression runs in my family too! But I have learnt over the years that disorders like those are NOT! heriditory, please uunderstand that beacause i though it when I was younger aswell, but trust me you cant get it just beacuase someone else in your family has it (:
And you're really not alone ive looked up loads of stuff on the internet and there are like thousands in the UK with it, which really suprised me!
Have you been pulling for the whole 4 years from 11-15, because I stopped for a year when i was 14 and literally just around my 15th birthday I started again.
Were abouts are you from btw ?
And yeah that would be lovely my email is missyminx_cherryzk@hotmail.co.uk (embarissing i know i made it when i was like 9)

Hey sweetie :) I know

Hey sweetie :) I know exactly how you feel. I don't pull from my scalp too much, but I pull from literally everywhere else to the point where I HAVE to wear makeup and style my hair just right so people won't notice so much. When I was fifteen (I'm 20 now) my trich was worse than ever and contributed heavily to my depression from my dad dying that year. 15-17 were my worst years with trich--not because I pulled more then than i do now, but because those years are when girls struggle with things like appearance and self-acceptance the most.

First, let me tell you that it WILL get better. Even if you keep pulling, in a few years you'll start to get to this weird stage where you kind of accept your trich. Not like, you give up trying to control it...you just realize, "hey, this is part of who I am. I don't have to hate myself for it."

I still have days where I DO hate myself, of course, but not nearly as many as when I was your age. It does get better.

All right, now for some less zen-like advice, haha. Here are the things I've started recently that have helped me SO much in gaining control of my trich (the more you do, the better chance you have!):

1. Therapy. Behavioral Replacement Therapy is specifically for trich, and you can search online (try trich.org or a search engine) to find therapists who are trained in this.
2. Hypnosis. Some people don't think this works, some do; it's a personal preference. And either way, it's very relaxing, which can reduce stress-related pulling. I downloaded some hypnosis tracks for hair pulling off the internet, and I'll play them on my iPod at night while I'm falling asleep; some people go to therapy for this. A lot of BRT trained therapists will do hypnotherapy too, if you're interested.
3. Exercise. Some people think a chemical released when pulling is released during exercise too. Plus, you'll feel better physically and mentally, and your mood increases, making it less likely you'll pull.
4. Vitamin regimen. For the same reasons as #3. :) In addition to normal vitamins, I take St John's Wort, which improves your mood. There's been a recent study that certain amino acids, when taken in certain doses, can block the signals in your brain that tell you need to pull. I don't know much about this yet, because I just heard it not too long ago, but look into it if you're interested.
5. Knit. I don't know why, but knitting in general (even if I don't use it as a substitution or distraction from pulling) decreases my overall urge to pull. You can learn online or from books; it's really easy.
6. Drums! Haha, okay, I found this one by happy accident, because I play a lot of instruments anyway. This is the best one, in my opinion, for battling trich, because it wears you out, you get to bang the s*** out of something without breaking anything, it uses both hands, and it's fun! And you look BAMF as hell while doing it.

Medications like Zoloft or Prozac are pretty popular in the treatment of trich; most people use a combination of meds with BRT, and as their control increases in therapy, their dose decreases in medication. Some people with trich stay on meds their entire life, though, which is fine. I personally don't like medication, only because it doesn't seem to work much for me, but I've seen it do wonders for other people. Look into as many options as possible, and don't be afraid to try anything.

PS You're on a good track with the beads--"toys" are one thing therapists use in BRT. Try Koosh Balls, Play Doh, Silly Putty, Legos, etc...anything that can distract you when you get an urge.

Good luck!