After years of not picking I'm back at it again

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After years of not picking I'm back at it again

After years and years of not pulling from my scalp which started when I was in elementary school and didn't end till about the end of middle school. Probably about 4 years after I graduated high school and started to grow facial hair in fully is when it all started back up for me. Now it's to the point where I pull my eyebrows and eyelashes on occasions and still a bit of my facial hair when it's all not growing in evenly. The thicker, straight pieces bother me. The darker hairs bother me. The hairs that are going in a different direction then the others. Those hairs that I can feel with my fingers that feel uneven from the ones on the other side of my face. It's all a trigger and don't know how I can calm these urges I'm having. I have tried hiding tweezers, nailclips (yes I would resort into using nailclipers if I had nothing else to pull with) I've tried hiding my razors but then that visious cycle starts over and I'll either go out a buy new ones or pull with my fingers until there calasted over. I'm very open to talk about the severity of my hair pulling addiction and looking to relate with some people because it's very different being able to find someone that feels this type of burden on an every day basis. If there's anyone that has any advice or has been in this same devil's cycle please feel free to reach out please

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HI I suffer from something similar. However, I only pull out the hair on my head. This is already a habit with me since I have had it since I was 5 years old. I'm 22 now. I've been to Bahlung twice and recently again. But now with a psychologist and not a therapist. It's hard yes. I always try to distract myself and my hands. Then I go to my hair less. In everyday life and at work it is enough to play with a ring on your finger.