trichotillomania cure

Trichotillomania is the psychological condition where an individual has the irresistible urge to pull out hair from his or her own body or occasionally from other’s bodies. Trichotillomania is seen to have a neurobiological basis, and results from chemical imbalances in the brain. Because trichotillomania is triggered by a variety of stressful or traumatic life events, simple one-fit- all treatment modalities, such as use of anti-depressant medications will not completely cure the trichotillomania. There is not magic pill or quick fix for the treatment of trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is a complex disorder and requires equally complex treatment.

Treatment Options for Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania can be cured through a combination of customized treatment options such as intense psychotherapy in conjunction with adjunctive treatments such as anti-depressant use and hypnotherapy. By combining multiple forms of therapy, the various aspects contributing to the trichotillomania can be worked upon. The anti-depressant therapy helps to restore the brains natural balance of neurotransmitters. This will help ease some of the depression and anxiety that is contributing to the act of hair pulling, but does not address the life events that sparked the initial development of the disorder. This is why psychotherapy is so effective. Psychotherapy can help to guide the sufferer to determine why they pull out hair, and reframe their thought processes to deter hair puling. Psychotherapy is also an effective form of treatment, as it puts alternate ideas into the minds of sufferers of trichotillomania and uses the power of suggestion to reframe individuals thought process and habit of pulling hair.
Individuals who suffer from trichotillomania often hide their disorder and are ashamed of pulling hair. It typically takes many years for sufferers to admit their problem and seek treatment for their compulsive hair puling. It is important that when treating this complex disorder, a variety of treatments are utilized to best address the multiple causes of trichotillomania.

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